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"You are tired to try the next diet, which again didn´t work ?"

"You want to shape your Body in a realistic amount of time ?"

"You want to become more powerful, fitter and stronger ?"

"You are tired from running from one therapy to the next and the back pain, knee pain or other overuse injuries come again and again ?"



Train with a training protocol with which you reach your goals savely and effectively.



train and eat -

according to your goals

every program has been designed specially to reach your aims. you feel better and stronger than ever before. get the body you want!

Muskelaufbau & Fettverbrennung

sixpack & athletiC

You want to get an athletic body and a sixpack? Then this program is perfect for you. It connects strength training with athletic fitness training. Designed for maximum fat burn within a shorter time frame. Perfect for moderate and advanced lifters.

You want to have what the most women want, a tighten, toned and lean body? Then you should train with this program. It is a combination of strength training for the legs, fitness training and improve overall health. It comes with a full workout breakdown and tells you exactly what to do for your workouts. 

Straffe Beine & knackiger Po

Bikini - workout

ONLINE Trainingspgramm bei Nackenschmerzen


"3D-CORE" is for men and women. If you want strong abs, you have to train them in all directions! With this program you get 50 of the best ab-exercises ever! The program is designed also for beginners and for very advanced male or female lifter.


As a real man you want for sure a sixpack, more muscles and 10-14% body fat percentage!

I will show you that this is possible with an effective training and a proper nutrition.

I will show you the way through the "FITNESS-TREND-JUNGLE"

I would be glad to have you soon as one of my clients and you will benefit from my 25 years of experience in the training and fitness market.


If you have issues with the musculoskeletal system (back, neck, shoulder, knee etc.) differentiated strength training is the best "medicine"!


As a woman you want to get rid of your well-padded thighs and hips and you want  about 15-20% body fat percentage am i right?

Without starvation and hours of boring CARDIO-TRAINING !


Light weights and cardio training with high reps make no SEXY BODY!

I will show you an effective way training and proper nutrition and you will reach your sexy body for sure.


If you have issues with the musculoskeletal system (back, neck, shoulder, knee etc.) differentiated strength training is the best "medicine"!


about me

HERBert schmidt


  • 8 years as member of the national police pentathlon team
    (austrian champion in the year 2004)​

  • Play competition tennis and soccer in junior class


  • 25 years in competition sports

  • Coaching of pro athletes in various sports for better perfomance, avoid injuries

  • Functional power and perfomance training for tennis and soccer players​


  • Consulting of companies, clubs and private persons in purchasing training equipment and locations

  • Consulting of pro athletes after injuries to choose the best training and training equipment to come back faster and better


  • certified "Master Personaltrainer - Dr.Gottlob-Institute"

  • certified strength and athletic coach

  • certified personal trainer for back injuries or issues

  • trainer for sport specific training in tennis

  • certified "Tennislehrwart" BAFL



Dr.Axel Gottlob - Europes leading strength training expert

"Undoubtedly he disposes of an unusual physical capacity, a good apprehension and a very fine human nature. I am sure that he will perform outstanding as a trainer and coach.”

April 2015

Dr Gottlob Institut
"Thank you for the solution of my low back injury. With Herbert´s help and his training recommendation now i have the possibility to train painless and get as strong as before, thanks a lot!"

Ekaterina Tkachenko - russian

alpine ski team

Juli 2014

"The training with Herbert is very rich in variety, exciting, challenging and i love the training as never before! Everything i need as an alpine ski athlete is inside the training programs …"

September 2013

Lisa Maria-Reiss - former athlete of the austrian ski team

herbert schmidt
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