Supplements with precision and with highest quality!


"EDUBILY" impresses with its sensible selection of ingredients for its products. The most frequently deficiency symptoms with regard to the vital substances can thus be comensated.

  • multivitamins, zinc, magnesium, vitamin c, vitamin A, vitamin D

  • whey-isolat-protein

  • intestinal flora complex



✓ sensible combinations, high-quality ingredients

✓ examined for heavy metals

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Our Omega-3 specialist from Norway!

The philosophie from NORSAN, which we can only share:

- Keep your diet as natural as possible​

- Apart from trans fatty acids, there are no bad fats, but unfavorable conditions

- Sugar, white flour and an excess of Omega-6 fatty acids is the main cause

   of many health problems

- Die tägliche Zufuhr von natürlichem Fischöl oder pflanzlichem Algenöl ist für

   unsere Gesundheit vorteilhaft.



More vitality with ""

✓ Efficient supplement, natural substances
✓ Based on holistic and natural Recipes
✓ Made in Germany

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A professional partner in tennis - quality prevails!


The tennis school Jörg Mitterhofer was founded in 1999.

The headquarters of the tennis school is the training ground of SV Wacker Burghausen. The tennis school cooperates with the SVW and many clubs from the border region Inn/Salzach.

Tennis Academy Mitterhofer Burghausen


Music designed for the brain to optimize:


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