• Herbert Schmidt

3 things you can do to prevent back pain!

Chronic back pain is a very widespread fact in this day and age and affects not only the elderly, but also more and more teens. The number of people affected is constantly increasing and has to do with lifestyle, the use of smartphones, hours of playing online games, etc., but also the automation of physically strenuous work activities at work and in everyday life. That is the bad news. But now comes the good news. With the following tips from me, you can alleviate the light to severe back pain or even get it under control. But before you try the tips from me, please contact a doctor you trust and get the OK. It can lead to aggravation of your back pain in case of wrong execution or certain conditions!

Stretch the hamstrings, hip flexors and your hips.

Through frequent and long sitting activities, as is now the case in our modern society, the above-mentioned areas are shortened, tense and weakened. Our body adapts to this sitting activity and thus loses the ability to optimally carry out other "stresses" or demands, which can then lead to problems in the spine. Therefore I can only recommend you to invest at least 10min every day and to stretch these areas with classic stretching exercises, which you can find everywhere on youtube today.

Strengthen your trunk and gluteal muscles (also called "core" ;-))

The spine consists of many small joints and is extremely mobile. In order to stabilize these many small joints accordingly and to be able to discharge loads of any kind in a controlled way, a strong musculature is required. There is not THE one muscle that could create this, it is always an interaction of several muscle groups, whereby the large muscles can naturally also derive most of the load. Strong, then, according to your complete abdominal muscles, your back extensors (which together are the so-called "CORE" muscles) and, in addition, a very important muscle in today's time unfortunately very often, by the many SITTING around, atrophied and weak is the gluteal muscles. The gluteal muscles also stabilize the lower back.

Don't stay in the same position too long!

Our body isn't built to stay in one position for hours. It must always be in motion in order to allow corresponding processes to run optimally within the body. Bloodflow in general, fasciae and muscles stick together without movement, cartilage and bones form back without movement and load or adapt accordingly. So try to think of it as, for example, moving for at least 5 minutes per hour of sitting activity, stretching, bending, stretching, etc.

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